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MEDREG Strategy 2020-2030

The Mediterranean region is currently lacking a harmonized and coordinated legal framework able to foster international energy cooperation. In order to promote the integration of Mediterranean energy markets...

MEDREG welcomes further cooperation with regulators form the Balkans and Black Sea region

Participating in the 23rd Energy Community Electricity Forum on 7 June in Athens, MEDREG explained our ongoing collaboration with ECRB on consumer issues. The Forum concluded that the common membership of regulators in the Energy Community Regulatory Board (ECRB) and Mediterranean Energy Regulators (MEDREG), as well as their shared objective of regional electricity market integration called for close and intensified cooperation of the relevant institutions. 
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The Israeli gas regulator learnt best practices in connecting gas household consumers from its Spanish and Turkish peers

In the framework of MEDREG’s support to regulatory reforms in the Southern shore, Israel’s Gas Regulatory Authority (NGA) visited its Spanish and Turkish peers to study domestic household gas consumer connections procedures, from 8 to 11 May 2018 in Madrid and Ankara.
Given the current lack of a gas distribution system in Israel, the technical assistance organised by MEDREG aimed at enabling NGA to comprehend the supply of its domestic consumers in the coming years.
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The Algerian Energy Regulator CREG welcomes MEDREG’s support to reform renewable energy prices

On 8 May, MEDREG President Mr. Santos met the President of the Algerian Electricity and Gas Regulation Commission (CREG), Mr Choual, with the aim to strengthen the current cooperation and to support energy regulatory reforms in Algeria.
The Algerian regulator reiterated its interest in receiving support from MEDREG to establish a methodology to evaluate renewable energy prices resulting from tenders and auctions in Algeria. CREG would also be keen to receive support in the drafting of new secondary legislation and in the organisation of a TAIEX.
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New Gas Infrastructure Map shows transmissions, interconnections and storage capacities in the Mediterranean

This new MEDREG report provides an outlook of the gas infrastructure in the Mediterranean region, including interconnection points, cross border transmission pipelines, Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) storage capacities, usage of the capacities and future investment plans across MEDREG members.
Based on data collected from 14 Mediterranean countries, the Gas Infrastructure Map may guide Members to develop priority and/or potential infrastructure in the natural gas transmission systems, in line with natural gas supply-demand scenarios. The report also includes the technical details for the infrastructure of Croatia, Cyprus, France, Jordan, Malta, Spain and Turkey

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New report on natural gas markets competition and prices in MEDREG countries

Using a common set of indicators, the report provides an assessment of gas market competition among MEDREG members for household and non-household consumers and analyses gas retail prices in each country.
This assessment shows major differences between the national gas markets in the MEDREG countries surveyed in terms of energy demand, number of customers, distribution of gas demand between the household and non-household segments, level of liberalisation of the gas retail market, and geographical coverage for gas suppliers. 
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Egyptian and Portuguese regulators debate challenges and solutions for natural gas market liberalisation

MEDREG facilitated the organisation of a technical study visit held in Lisbon on 17 April between the newly established Egyptian gas regulatory authority (GasReg), and Portugal’s regulatory authority (ERSE), to address regulatory experiences regarding liberalisation of gas markets.
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MEDREG’s Annual Report 2017 is out!
Mediterranean Energy Regulatory Outlook 2017

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